Earning trust as a property manager

5 Ways To Earn Your Tenant’s Trust As A Property Manager

Trust is one of the most essential virtues for the success of any business. In the business world, trust is two way as it is essential for clients to trust property managers and property managers to equally trust their clients. When a tenant trusts the property manager, there may be minimal chances of possible property damages as they will be extremely careful not to spoil anything within and around the property. Moreover, trust will enhance effective communication between both the tenant and the property manager thus beneficial feedback obtained from both sides and easily solve any drawbacks. If you are a property manager looking to earn your tenants’ trusts, then, here are the five ways to help you achieve that;

  • Maintain openness and honesty: The moment you start lying or taking your tenants in circles, then, that is the moment you lose their trust as a property manager. That is definitely not good for your business and for your property as well since some tenants may opt to vacate the premises leaving you with a vacant house all together. For a win-win customer-property manager relation, being transparent and very honest with them will build the valuable trust that these renters will have in you.
  • Communicate effectively: Appropriate and effectual communication will require integrity, courtesy and a lot of respect from both you as well as your tenants. Providing a platform where all your tenants have the freedom to express themselves, either positively or negatively can efficiently help you get good feedback. When you treat your tenants with respect, they will equally respect you back. As a property manager, being courteous will always help you earn the trust of your existing and potential tenants.
  • Clearly state your expectations from the tenant before occupancy: During the contract signing or contract renewal phase between you and your tenants, clearly state all your expectations as soon as they secure a space within your rental premises. All your tenants should clearly know what is expected of them and this can be made clear within the leasing contract. Once they read the leasing agreement and terms, if they are comfortable with it, then, you should both sign and expect them to abide by every single rule in it.
  • Avoid overcharging any service fees: A number of property managers will always charge for service fees for instance the viewing fees or screening fee and many more even so, this should not be used as a source of side hustle and extra income by property managers. Overcharging potential tenants is not honest and the tenants who know of it may never trust you while the unsuspecting ones will never know. Setting reliable fees depending on your target customers will help you earn their trust, both unsuspecting and the customers who know the fee range.  
  • Include maintenance fees in the rent: Every property with time will need maintenance services. This may range from electrical services, to landscaping services or even plumbing services. Including all these in your ultimate rent estimate will help minimise frequent requests for maintenance fees from your tenants increasing their chances of trusting your services more.

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