Tenant Information

Paying Your Rent

You can pay your rent in the following manner:-

  • To direct deposit into Carnley Property Management trust account please contact this office for the details.
  • To pay with Bank Cheque or Australia Post Money Order, please make it payable to Carnley Property Management, which can be mailed to P.O. Box 312, Beresfield NSW 2322.

Ending Your Tenancy

Is Your Tenancy Agreement ABOUT to Expire…

  • Fourteen (14) days written notice is required, which means we must receive your notice 14 days before you vacate
  • The date you vacate must be on or after the lease expiry date (see agreement)

If your Tenancy Agreement has ALREADY expired….

  • Twenty one (21) days written notice is required, which means we must receive your notice 21 days before you vacate

If you are intending on vacating the property BEFORE your Tenancy Agreement Expires…

  • You are breaking your lease and there are a number of costs involved
  • You need to notify this office we will explain these costs

When you have vacated...

  • A final inspection will be arranged, and it is preferrable with you present for this inspection.
  • The original Condition Report and any other relevant information will be used as a reference point.
  • A cleaning checklist would have been provided when notice was given, and this should be used as a guide for how the final inspection may go.
  • If everything is in order then we will immediately attend to processing your bond.

Water Wise Rules Now Apply

  • All hand held hoses must have a trigger nozzle attached.
  • Watering your garden or lawn is permitted any day before 10am or after 4pm.
  • You should not hose a hard surface such as your footpath or driveway.
  • Water usage charge has increased from $2.19per kl to $2.27 per kl as of the 1st July, 2019.


  • If a tenant locks themselves out and needs the agent to attend the property to let them in then there will be a cost borne by the tenant of $100.00 in office hours Monday to Friday 9.00.am. till 5p.m. and out of office hours the fee will be $150.00.

Tenant Information Statement – Download Here

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